What is a wall mounted TV?

Wall mounted TVs are increasingly popular today as a lot of households are moving towards the modern minimalistic look. This look is achieved by mounting a tv onto a wall using a bracket. Although the idea seems straight forward it may not always be the case. Several points must be considered before attempted to mount a TV to a wall.

Is the wall a stud wall or plasterboard? Dependant on the type of surface in your property will determine what type and size of bracket you would need to complete the job. If it is a stud wall that you have, you must first locate where the studs are situated.

What size TV are you aiming to mount and is the wall strong enough to hold this?  A lot of people think the larger the TV, the better. However, this will not be the case if the wall is not strong enough to hold the size you wish to purchase. Always check the product weight and seek advise on what type of wall is necessary for the job before purchasing.

Have you got the plug capacity? A wall mounted TV will need to be located next to the relevant amount of plug sockets for your TV to be electronically connected. Do you also have multimedia boxes or consoles that require a power socket?

Do you want a fixed TV position or full-motion TV? A full-motion TV can be adjusted to the angle you require dependant where you are located in the room. Do you want the versatility of being able to move the TV to different positions or are you happy with a fixed TV position?


The benefits of a wall mounted TV

Although they are not ideal for everyone there are many benefits to having a wall mounted TV installed. You can free up floor space as a TV Unit is no longer needed, this may be ideal if you have a small room and want to locate the TV above a dining table, bed or in a walkway.

If you have small children, wall mounted TVs can be installed high up out of reach, meaning there will never be a risk of children pulling the unit onto themselves doing them harm or causing injuries.

If it is the minimalistic look you are hoping to achieve wall mounted TV wires can be stored in trunks or behind walls meaning that you no longer have the messy cables that twist and become an eyesore. However, wires placed behind a wall must be carried out by a professional to ensure the job is completed to safe standards.