Access Control System Installation

Access Control Systems are an excellent investment for your businesses security. However, choosing the most suitable access control system installation is important, as different types are available depending on the industry sector, and how secure you want the entry system to be.

How Do Door Access Control Systems Work?

The main types of Access Control Systems are Door entry (intercom), access control cards, video entry or biometric. Some businesses are looking for a simple audio-controlled intercom solution or a more complex fully integrated multi-site biometric access system across numerous doors. The more functionality you require – the higher the price point for equipment and installation.

access control system

Video Door Entry

A more complex setup is video door entry, perfect if you need to see any visitors and screen them before allowing entry – for example a solicitor’s office. They are high colour resolution, allow two-way speech and can be vandal resistant.

Intercom Systems

Intercoms are a common choice and come in different forms. You can choose to have a pin to unlock the door, a fob or card, or even a biometric one which uses your fingerprint. There is also usually a visitor button which dials through to reception – allowing two-way speech.